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    October 26, 2012
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>> these two are evil to do something like this. >> reporter: alameda sheriffs detectives say the victim knew the pair. they went to steal guns, jewelry and cash. they waited for lashalay to leave. when she didn't detective says the two came up with another plan. >> when they made the decision to go in the house they had made the decision to go in and kill her. >> reporter: investigators say after the murder the pair left the house, grabbed a bite to eat, and then decided to go back and set the place on fire with gas. >> jails are built for a reason. this is two guys who do not need to be in the midst of society. >> reporter: the break in the case came when a witness spotted one of the teens ditching the victim's stolen suv. the 16-year-old was picked up during class at redwood high school. cody was arrested at his house. a neighbor calls this a disturbing crime.
>> it's hard to comprehend really. now-- they're youngsters. they don't have respect for anybody. >> reporter: a number of the victim's relatives attended the arraignment. our cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom. both teenagers being held without bail. they're due in court on monday for another hearing. we're live in afternoon in heyward. >> police in new york city still have no motive in the brutal killing of two young children from a family with bay area ties. all day today mothers and nannies left flowers outside the family's apartment. the family's nanny stabbed to death their 2-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl then slit her own throat. she's in a medically induced coma. the children's mother found the bodies when she returned home. the father, kevin krim is a cnbc executive but also worked
as a vice president at yahoo in in the bay area. neighbors are in shock. >> i have two young children myself. this hits close to home. unmanageable. >> nothing any of us can do. but our heart goose out to the mom and dad. >> investigators have no motive for the killings and hope to be able to interview the nanny soon. in oakland help may be on the way. officers will be partnering with oakland police to patrol the streets. allie rasmus says some questions have to be answered. >> reporter: this partnership between oakland police and the chp comes to welcome news. in front of this building here behind me is where the city's 101st homicide happened early this morning. >> i live two doors down. at about 5:00 this morning i heard gunshots. >> reporter: some of the people
who live on the 300 block reported hearing as many as 10 to 15 gunshots. aimed at vin sent jones jr. he was shot and killed. >> ain't got words. this is beyond. this is beyond my -- >> reporter: the crime in oakland is beyond understanding for many oakland residents. the bishop made a public plea to the governor for help. >> we'll provide that help. i will make sure that our highway patrolmen are beefed up for the city of oakland. >> reporter: today oakland police antechp announced the start of a new partnership. extra chp officers will work overtime. >> a focus on areas that are having the highest crime problem. >> reporter: the detames about exactly how many officer will work and who will pay for their overtime is still not known. >> we're still working out all
the details for funding. >> reporter: the chp says they've done this type of partnership with oakland police before. we'll have the details on that program and how well it worked coming up at 6:00. >> an oakland high school was locked down while police searched nearby for an armed suspect. it was placed on lockdown around 11:30. the school reopened about an hour later when police arrested a man not far from the campus. >> a oakland police announced two arrests. investigators say they arrest add 25-year-old stockton man in connection with a rock throwing incident. the officer wasn't hurt. the second arrest involved a protester who was tarkenton custody for allegedly obstructing an officer and for possession of drugs. police estimated last night's
crowd about 175 people. four teenage boys will be tried as adults. heriberto reyes was brutally beaten on april 27th. prosecutors have filed murder charges against four teens. police say reyes was attacked after a group confronted him and asked if he was a gang member. if convicted they could be sentenced to life in prison. >> two employees from the san mateo county community college district have been arrested. they are being charged with a bind 15 felonies. they're accused of embezzling equipment and money. they bought computers with a district credit card and sold them for cash. both suspects with 42 years old. >> federal health inspectors are out with their initial report. the fda says bacteria and mold were growing in rooms at the new england compounding center.
those rooms are supposed to be sterile. they're used to mix and seal special medicine. 24 people have died. more than 300 others have gotten sick. now to world series news. the san francisco giants left town today just two dame games away from wing another fall classic. the players board add flight this morning along with their families and the giants front office staff after arriving in detroit, the team was set to practice. game three will be played tomorrow. >> you play every game like it's your last game. it can happen fast. because of what we did in cincinnati and st. louis. >> the giant plane left a
little behind schedule after receiving a wet sendoff from the fire department. giants reliever javier lopez took a detour. he took an earlier flight home to denver to witness the birth of his son and share in the first day of his life. his wife renee was set to deliver their second child today. javier plans to fly to detroit tomorrow. >> the cleanup is underway as at&t park prepares for a possible game six if necessary in san francisco. over 43,000 baseball fans can leave behind a lot of trash, so crews this morning got to work sweeping, washing and polishing the stadium's seats, concession and concourse areas. just in case the giants need to play another game at home in that best of seven world series. at 5:30 the world series is big business for san francisco. very big. what we've learned about where tourists are spending their money and the statistic that may surprise you.
>> the nhl lockout as claimed more games. the league today canceled all games through the end of november. that means the san jose sharks lose 21 games, 11 of them at home. all this comes one day after a league imposed deadline passed for a deal with the players union, which would have allowed for a full 82-game season. nhl officials say they've pulled their most recent offer of a 50/50 split. >> apple shares bounced back. the stock fell after apple warned profits will be down from last year. the company is expecting big christmas sales but is launch ago number of new products if that are more expensive to make. here are today's closing numbers now from wall street. the dow rose a little more than 3 points losing at 13,107.
the nasdaq was up almost two points. ante s&p 500 fell one. >> microsoft's newest operating system is now available. windows 8 went on sale at mid night. it's different in that it's touch enabled which makes personal computers and laptops look and behave more like smart phones and tablets. >> it's designed for tablet louis. it's designed for home use. it's designed for integration. >> windows 8 is currently on sale for about $70. there are special deal offering the upgrade for around $15. >> a horrific suicide bombing killed dozens of worshipers at a mosque in afghanistan. 35 people died and about 60 others were injured. the attack came as afghan
president hamid karzai urged taliban insurgents to stop killing other afghans. violence broke out all over the middle east despite for calls of peace. a holiday drew thousands of people to the south bay. telling us how the world events impacted the local celebration. robert. >> reporter: we're at the santa clara county fairgrounds where that festival is still going on. it's a day of mixed emotions. thousands came to san jose for a festival. that is joyful, but with a solemn undercurrent. the religious holiday is considered their most important celebration. the festival of sacrifice honors the story of the prophet
abraham. south bay islamic association leaders sate mix of bay area muslim communities is unique. >> you professionals, business owners, taxi drivers. all of them coming together to celebrate and enjoy. >> reporter: for many, a chance to feel connect. >> sometimes you get lost. you kind of like lost touch with your culture. some of the occasions where you get to get touch with your roots. >> reporter: many are trying to celebrate knowing family and friends in the middle east cannot. groups are raising funds for people in syria where a civil war continues to rage. there was supposed to be a truce today for the holiday, but the truce ended in violence which included a car bomb attack. >> what we hear is heart breaking. we're trying to do our best to fun raid for people are really hurting right now. >> reporter: the same goes for
those with ties to burma. >> it's very painful because we are celebrating here and then we hear that people in burma cannot celebrate. >> reporter: at least for bay area muslim communities today's event was a big success. about 10,000 people attended the festival. >> hurricane sandy is bearing down on the east coast. >> there's no fog out there right now as we head towards your bay area weekend, what can you expect? i'll have your details on saturday and sunday.
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the bumper in a disabled parking spot and crashed into a line of shopping carts. his car shopped just short of the stores front windows. a fire engine crew saw the car go into the carts. the coroners office released the identities of two people killed this week in a small plane crash. the accident involving an experimental plane happened tuesday. authorities say 57-year-old david beanie and 56-year-old larry strobel were the victims. >> forecasters say a super storm is headed for the east coast of the united states. already 100 mile-an-hour winds tore through the bahamas. >> we may feel effects through the united states. we're watching that ominous hurricane.
expermits predict this super storm will hit the mid atlantic states. >> reporter: the storm is predicted to mix with other weather systems to create heavy rain, strong winds and fierce flooding. it may hit tuesday morning. sandy is expected to be worse than last year's hurricane irene which caused over a billion dollars damage. >> i live right by the water. we flood really bad. >> i think the storm is coming. there's not going to be much left. >> we flooded but it didn't get in my house. so i'm going to wait and see. >> reporter: evacuations ordered for cape may and the jersey barrier islands. the nation's capital is in the path. residents plan to start sandbagging this weekend. hundreds of thousands could be without power. extensive damage in jamaica. winds are 80 miles an hour moving north. should hook left monday.
models predict a conjunction of weather systems similar to the famous perfect storm exactly 21 years ago. the national hurricane center predicts over 10 inches of rain, 2 feet of snow and extensive flooding. they say this storm could last through thursday. several airlines are now offering free rescheduling for passengers whose flights may be affected. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> what sandy looks like from the international space station. we sped up the video to joy how the storm moved. nasa is following sandy with its satellites providing data to forecasters. three central california beaches are back open after a deadly shark attack. those beaches are all off the coast of santa barbara county. the people were allowed back in the water this morning. remember we told you earlier this week a surfer died tuesday
after he was bitten by what's believed to be a 15-foot great white shark. >> first responders from around the world are in ayla my da county for a training exercise. seems like this one from last year's event will play out across the bay area. 32 different s.w.a.t. teams from as far away as chicago, even brazil, will take part in various emergency response scenarios. the cities where it will be taking place include alameda and walnut creek. a city in the east bay may cancel its 4th of july celebration. they voted against the july 4th fireworks. the city says the event attracted too many people from neighboring communities making it expensive to police. this year's celebration went on
without fireworks. the san ramone city council will decide. >> bill, i do believe the warmup is getting here. >> you noticed it today. temperatures came off. as we head into the weekend warmer still. not so warm we go into a red flag warning situation. we got that rain over the couple days ago. it helped fire danger out immensely. you see where the fire danger is. south in los angeles. we call it an offshore wind event. this is an offshore wind event in southern california. they have a fire weather warning through saturday until 6:00. they'll have winds in the hills. very dangerous in southern california this time of year. usually up here too. it'll be warmer. 76 in santa rosa. that's right now. 74 in concord. really beautiful day out there
for your friday. as you head into saturday and sunday, more of the same. tomorrow we'll see fog offshore. that'll have the impact of cooling us a little bit. mostly clear and nice. a beautiful height. if our on the avenues, you walk up over the dunes and take your coke down there, whatever you're drinking, it'll be a beautiful night. pretty night. tomorrow night looks nice as well. next week just a little bit cooler. there's a chance of showers. right now it's on halloween. we'll worry about that farther down the road. high pressure over the top of us. everything is heading north. as we get in close we're going to see that fog start to try to push in. i have a computer model that will show you when that fog gets here. just know overnight lows tonight, 46 in napa. this morning was probably the coolest we'll see in a few
days. temperatures in the north bay into the mid30s. upper 30s. 46 tomorrow. if you go up there you'll get it cooler there. 51 in fairfield. 51 in morgan hill. when i got back here at 5:45 we'll go thereupon the weekend. we have a big game in detroit to talk about. big forecast for the game. the super storm, the perfect storm. i have a graphic for that. i want to show you the mechanisms that are coming into play here. what could be one of the biggest storms we've seen on the east coast in many years. we'll see you back here. >> thank you. some changes at the track. find out how widespread doping among racehorses is. >> how the super bowl is impacting the trial from that deadly bp gulf oil spill.
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san francisco bay's current tv could be going up for sale. the source says the cable network has hired jp morgan antereign group to assess options for its future. current was founded in 2005 by former vice president al gore and businessman joel hyatt. in a statement hyatt said the company has had three inquiries from potential buyers. >> congress is considering some strict new rules to prevent the
doping of case horses with steroids. >> now it's time to end the abuse. it's time to restore integrity to this sport. >> the senator says 24 horses die every week from overdrugging with painkillers, performance enhancing steroids or other stub stances. 3800 trainers have been caught illegally doping horses since 2009. one horse other than says good trainers use safe, legal methods to improve the animal's health and performance. >> they're a lot like an athlete. we have massage therapists, acue puncture, veterinarians that work with them to make sure they're fit and sound. >> the senator has co-authored a proposed law that would require drug testing for racehorses. it would stiffen penalties for those who break the rules.
the committee is reviewing the proposal which would require drug testing. >> the man accused of killing florida teenager trayvon martin appeared in court today. george zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges. prosecutors asked for a gag order to prevent defense attorneys and witnesses from talking to the media. they say doing so could eventually influence jurors. the federal judge set to reside over the liability trial for the gulf oil spill delayed the start of the proceeding till next february. the trial had been set to start january 14th. the super bowl would be in new orleans february 3rd followed by february 12th. the explosion killed 11 rig workers and sent millions of barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico for almost 90 days. >> a ktvu investigation into
the spending of public money by port of oakland officials is drawing swift response. what the mayor's office is now requesting. >> and a new epicenter for san francisco sports is emerging. the momentum is not going unnoticed. we'll explain coming up.
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eric rasmusse in is here with the development. >> reporter: union workers and even the mayor of oakland are weighing in. neighbors told us they're concerned about what's going on at this karaoke bar where we recorded women in skimpy clothing being dropped off night after night. it's also where the port of oakland's international marketing manager lawrence dunnigan spent $550 for a business meeting with members of the chinese port operator. >> you had a love connection here? >> we asked mayor jean quan about it today. >> we'll look into it. >> reporter: our investigation found $4500 spent at a houston strip club and other questionable expenses. quan said she believes the port
commissioners she's appointed will change the dullture. >> you have to show you're using the public funds well. >> reporter: our investigation found on two consecutive nights lawrence dunnigan was reimbursed $1500 for the business meeting at a dance theater and another $1500 for what he labeled entertainment. union workers locked in a contract battle aren't convinced. >> the arrogance that this is just the new way to do business. it's not okay. it honestly isn't okay. >> reporter: we have reached out to that executive lawrence dunnigan. we have not received a reply. the port says it has no evidence of any criminal activity, it has hired an outside law firm to assist. >> ceremonies marked the completion of a section of the bart extense. the tunnel section is finished
running under lake elizabeth. the media got to chance to walk through that structure for a 10- minute tour. it will likely be the only time reporters will be allowed inside the subway. officials hailed the project. >> for the traveling public we need a choice. what better than having bart as a choice to go around the bay and provide an option for a traveling public. >> the bart station at warm springs is expected to open in the fall of 2015. not just the giants being in the world series that has san francisco seeing a big tourism boost. jade hernandez live in the city with the story. >> reporter: the giants stadium is south of us. the home of america's cup next year is right here. and just a little to the east is a proposed site of a new
warrior stadium. the epicenter of san francisco sports is emerging. a new one is. that momentum is not going unnoticed. viewers catching game one and two of the world series saw san francisco glowing nightly in all of its glory. we've learned those shots can equal cold hard cash. the chamber of commerce explained. >> what we benefit in san francisco is that exposure because we're a visitor and convention destination. >> reporter: it was one year ago sporting news ranked san francisco fifteenth among the best sports cities. criteria included, but was not limited to, post season appearances, number of team the in the city, and attendance. that was before the giants beat the cardinals for the national league championship title whose city, st. louis, ranked twenty seventh in the same poll. before the panda's three home runs. another team hoping to push san
francisco up in ranking, the golden state warriors. >> what could be more wonderful and enticing than coming to this beautiful city to see baseball, to see basketball, and to have a great time. >> reporter: san francisco travel hub says visitors aren't necessarily spending at tourist destinations. views like these has 98% of city visitors polled wanting to come back. >> i hate to say it but detroit won't get that future bang out of it. arlington, texas didn't get that bang as a visitor destination. >> reporter: it's virtually impossible to tally what the city made. tourism is an $8.5 billion business. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez.
>> the series has shifted to detroit. game three set for tomorrow evening. coverage will begin at 4:30 in the afternoon with the first pitch coming after 5:00 p.m. now that the giants are out of town and you can't see them at at&t, where are you going to watch the games? there is a special set up in the works in san francisco. find out where coming up in just about half an hour. >> president obama stayed off the campaign trail today resting a hoarse voice. first lady michelle obama picked up the slack appearing in las vegas. >> that's right. four more years. four more years. four more years. >> mrs. obama addressed a crowd of supporters. president obama has worked hard to improve the economy, healthcare and education. she reminded them quote, this is the president that took out osama bin laden. early voting began in nevada last week and one-fourth of the states voters have cast their ballots. mitt romney campaigned today in iowa where he mocked president obama's campaign
slogan. >> the president's campaign slogan is this. forward. but to 23 million americans struggling to find a good job these last four years feel a lot more like backward. >> romney said president obama's campaign quote, falls short of the magnitude of these times. if he is elected president he'll make policy changes that bring the economy, in his words, roaring back. find out how your political views align with the candidates. like ktvu channel 2 on facebook. >> friends and family of former senator george mcgovern gathered for his funeral. the 90-year-old died this past sunday. he served in the u.s. house and senate and ran as the democratic nominee against republican richard nixon in 1972. after leaving politics he devoted himself to issues of hunger and poverty. plans call for mcgovern to be
buried in washington, d.c. >> a $2 million fine for sending out an e-mail about facebook. why it's not so much what he said but when he said it that got one worker fired. >> in eight minutes the very personal experience with bullying that has inspired a california lawmaker and what's happening for the first time ever at schools.
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citigroup accepted a fine admitting one of its employees leaked information about facebook before it went public. si tee corp. was part of the consortium of banks. regulations forbid banks from sharing information about companies who are launching stocks until 40 days after they have gone public. citigroup has fired the responsible employee who sent an e-mail about facebook to friends. a man who sued for a 50% stake in facebook is under arrest. he was charmed today in a multimillion dollar scheme to defraud facebook and its founder. prosecutors say he fabricated and detroyed evidence to support his case that zuckerberg promised him at least 50% of facebook. >> federal investigators are looking into complaints about
sticky accelerators. the national highway traffic safety administration says 50 drivers have told them they had problems with the car through 2000, 2003 model years. there are no reports of accidents or injuries. the probe affects an estimated 310,000 cars. investigators will determine whether or not there needs to be an actual recall of those cars. a court in italy convicted flamboyant former premier selvie yobbery plus coknee of tax fraud. the conviction will likely be overturned on appeal. but the sentence could mean the 76-year-old won't be allowed to run for public office for five years. he stepped down from office last year in the midst of multiple scandals. he's facing charges in a sex scandal.
are anti-bullying laws working in california? in a special report, how much the state is spending to find out. >> and definitely going to be a nice looking weekend. i'm going to have what day will be the warmest. also we'll go to detroit and give you the world series forecast. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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earlier this month a teenage girl from canada killed herself because of what she said was non-stop bullying. california has passed several new laws to try to stop
bullying. but are those laws working? >> reporter: the bullying is often caught on video. this video posted earlier this year by a frustrated mom. last month connecticut police investigated threatening facebook posts. bullying can devastate. days ago a 15-year-old who was taunted online took her own life. the stories are new. but bullying is not. did your school keep you safe? >> my school did not, no. i felt that i was alone in had. >> reporter: is it safe now? are we doing enough now? how would you respond? >> i would say i don't think we're doing enough. >> reporter: since 1999, 10 state laws about discrimination and bullying have passed. two went into effect in july. one of those laws provides a paper trail. we struggled to find any that
dealt directly with bullying. the state says you won't find any. that's because bullying wasn't include in the definition of discrimination. it is now. educator the still advise people to go to teachers now. >> this law has a clause that requires teachers to intervene when safe to do so. so that's the first time that issue has been codified, in a sense. >> reporter: for the first time ever a 400,000-dollar school audit isunderway. >> i want to see what is in place. to see if the teachers know what the rules are, know what the laws are, and actually talk to students and parents to see if they understand what their rights are. >> reporter: bloodstream member supports the laws. i think it's too early to say whetherset's law is working. home phobic and bullying attitudes have been around for hundreds of years.
people we talked to say pulley willing only truly go away when people are guided not by laws but simply by what's right. >> to learn more about the petition and how you stop bullying go to and click on the special reports tab. >> a jury in the north bay convicted a santa rosa man in murder in connection with the shooting death of dewey tucker. they found raul vega in the death. the sentencing date has not yet been set. a competency trial has started. ayres has be accused of abusing boys in his care. a trial in 2009 ended in a hung jury. ayres was sent for treatment.
two psychologists at napa diagnosed him with dementia and say he is incompetent to stand trial. >> the city of pleasantton is gearing up for events. tomorrow the foot hill high school band parade. the free event runs along main street. then on sunday the halloween spirit run kicks off at 9:00 a.m. it's a 5k run. it's designed to raise money for wheelchairs for the needy. even as west nile season nears an end the marine patrol is reporting more discoveries of the virus. five dead birds have tested positive for the disease. there were no human cames. so far this year 15 deaths have been reported in california. the virus has spread from birds to people by mosquitoes. >> a red flag warning is in effect in southern california.
winds have reached speeds of up to 60 miles an hour. people in the area say they're taking caution, especially on the road. >> just kind of scary. it blows the trailer around. when you got traffic on both sides you have to watch the trailer. >> for a time the wind made it difficult to contain this small brush fire. this has been contained. >> let's talk about our weather. the weekend is almost here. seems like it's looking good. >> fire danger, usually super high this time of year. the rain helping things out. you always worry about fire until you get into the heavy rain season. inch and a half, two inches of rain in some places really helps. this weekend fire danger remains relatively mild. outside we go. you can see the numbers, the temperatures up today. daytime highs warmer than they
were yesterday. both saturday and sunday temperatures will be warmer than these. they'll be right at that 79, 80- degree mark. really neat looking weekend. the coastal fog trying to work its way back into the coast. out on the great highway. i'm not sure that's going to happen. the model wants to do that. i'm not so sure that's going to happen. this high pressure center which is sending everything to the north and creating winds that are sort of northerly. it's been chilly in the morning. so as we head into the bay area weekend we're looking for mostly sunny conditions. this morning some of the numbers we saw, mid to upper 30s. chilly. here's a computer model. rain north. no problem for us.
here's the fog. you can usually fell fog. higher clouds come in. when you get lower clouds they get stuck up. so what we're looking for is for that fog to kiss right up against the coast. maybe tomorrow morning. i expect it's not going to happen until maybe, i don't even know if it's going to happen. see how it went away saturday afternoon. watch for it though. i wouldn't change my coastal plans. detroit weather, game three, impressive in terms of temperatures. daytime highs in detroit, 42 degrees for the start of that game. that's coming up on 15, 18 degrees cooler than it was for the game over here. that's a big deal when you're a pitcher or at the plate batting. it has been impact on you.
>> weekend is good. thank you, bill. >> a change at the top. a reshuffling of a list of celebrities and what they make after they've died. also a new development in a san francisco fire that we first told you about last night on the 10:00 news. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
a 68-year-old man fired by the mortgage division of wells fargo bank has been offered his
job back after a national uproar. he said no thanks. richard eggers was fired in july when a bank background review turned up a 1963 conviction. he says he won't work for the bank again unless it changes the background review policy. he feels it discriminates against low-level employees. we have new information on a destructive house fire that injured one person. police arrested two people in connection with that fire. it broke out yesterday afternoon. flames spread from one house to a neighborhooding building and caused more than a half million dollars in damage. one person went to the hospital with burns. the official cause is under investigation. no details have been released. >> being dead doesn't necessarily mean an end to your income. forbes magazine has published
its list of the top earning dead celebrities. the estate of singer michael jackson is this second place. elvis presley's estate is in third and cartoonist charles shultz is in fourth. spending for the campaign to beat richmond's soda tax has reached nearly $2.5 million. finance reports showed $2.48 million has been spent. that's up nearly $300,000 from earlier this month. the campaign is funded by the beverage association. coming up, we take a look at what happened the last time the highway patrol pitched in. >> the giants are in detroit. that's not stopping san francisco from finding ways to celebrate here. the special place city leaders
are hoping to provide for fans who want to watch the world series unmasked.
the kind of crime nightmares are made of. that's how investigators are describing the killing of two teenagers -- a killing two
teenagers are know accused of. >> the governor promised to provide help. now the city of oakland is talking details. a partnership is announced to try to tackle rising crime on city streets. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and allie rasmus is live in oakland. oakland's religious leaders stepped in to keep the cities streets safer. >> reporter: that comes on the heels of the city of oakland's 101st homicide. it happened early this morning. a few blocks away from lake merritt. just after 5:00 this morning gun violence claimed the life of another oakland victim. >>